Lay Out of Houten Castle

Lay Out of Houten Castle

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Houten Castle is layed shaped a bit like a number 8 set on a slowly elevating hill. The lower southern part of the 8 faces the the road the main road between Olveta and Hero's Landing. The northern upper part is seperated by wall from the lower. At the center of the upper part is the orginal castle that the PCs liberated. It is know as the Lady's Keep.


The wall around Lower Houten Castle is lower and thinner, but the area incompased is signficantly larger. It is this portion of the Castle that most of the craftsmen, laborers, herders, and woodsmen of the castle reside. A small inn and tavern has been constructed to provide comfort to locals and travelers. There is also a small market place. The largest industry in Houten Castle is paper making. Houten is location of the only 3 printing press in Toleria. Given that there have been no great wizards among the Houten, the Houten was an early adopter of printing. The Lower Castle also sports the a shrine to Serena, the Keeper of Memory where common folk can pray and recieve blessings. The outside walls have been given minor runes. While most of the runes are likely week protection magicks, given the Houten's claim to fame is magic items that user specific or mask their true nature against most dectection, it is likely there is more to them.

Upper Houten Castle is the residence of the Houten Family, their personal guards, and retainers. The walls of the Upper Castle are much thicker and have quarters and storage build into them. Like the Lower Castle, there are some minor runes on the Castle Walls. The hill crests at the northern wall of the Upper Castle and it is hear that a large hall has been build called Forestwatch. The courtyard of the Upper Castle is more sparse than the Lower Castle because Lady Houten has restricted this location for the exclusive residence of the Houtens. Since only about a fourth of the family has moved to Toleria, their has not been any pressure. The most notable site is the Lady's Keep which a refurbished Zenith Structure. Other notable sites are the Athenaeum (libary/academy) which severs as learning center and produces and sells low level magic scrolls, the Hothouse which is used to grow fresh produce year round, and the Thermae, low squat building that were water is magically pumped in, heated, and then circulated throughout the castle.

The largest and most opulent rooms in the castle are placed in the northern wall of the Upper Castle around Forestwatch Hall. The towers here afford an excellent view. The prides of the North Wall is the astronomical observetory on the tallest tower and its large grand hall called Forestwatch.

The southern wall of the the Upper Castle is the most spartan of the Upper Castle. It is here that the barracks and storage for war supplies can be found. The most notable site here is the Grimgate, a highly fortified gate that serves as the only major method between the Upper and Lower Castles.

The eastern wall of the Upper Castle is fairly spartan also, but it boasts a Chapel with much stain glass dedicated to the Civic Gods of Ambropolis.

---===WEST WALL===----
The west wall of the Upper Castle is dedicated mostly to storage and hosting.

---===LADY'S KEEP===---
This Zenith structure almost seems to crackle with arcane power. It is the residence of Lady Houten and her favorites. There are no guards posted, but the building seems to be alive. It responds to commands and other stimuli.

Given the low population of Houten, few people actually reside outside the castle.
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Re: Lay Out of Houten Castle

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Location of NPCs:

Most of the Ambropolitan and Dwarven Guests are staying in Northern and Southern Walls of the Upper Castle

Most of the Norst Guests are staying in the Western Wall of the Upper Castle.

Most of the Kobold Guests are staying in the Eastern Wall of the Upper Castle.

Most of the Houtens are staying in the Lady's Keep or the Northern Walls of the Upper Castle.
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