Notable NPCs Wintering with Houtens

Notable NPCs Wintering with Houtens

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Countess Belinda Houten

Memica Houten

General Mountain Roars
Horizon Seeker
3 More Prominent Norst

Basta Fullsacks
3 Daughters

Oleg Leveton

Svetlana Leveton (Two kids, very pale complexion and very striking violet )

Darress Broadaxe

Della Broadaxe

Master Dwarven Brewer

Helga Marblebreaker (Thunderbrew)

Zelda Bluearmor

Elderly High Priest of Ferrous Bronzebeard

1 More Dwarf

Lily Tiskerton

Grain Consortium Members

Edrist Hanvoki

Tamin Hanvoki

the Duchess's Men

Captain Kesten Garess


Jhod Kavken


Lord Xeres

Captain Walker

Hector and Elmer Smith

Sam Chamber

King Sootscale

Sartos Seamaster

Loy and Latricia Rezbin
Tarn of the Bear Tribe

Sizemore Rockwell or Jedcus Morden

His Family

Icarin Strov
Mysterious Masked Servant

Hack and Slash Crew

Akiros Ismort

Jemando Orlashena half elven representiatve of the Kithcardian Academy (an legitimate Ambropolitan Academy) is looking for a collegue named Ervil Pendrod who is exploring the area. She wishes to find him and convince him to end his sabatical early and return home. She is offering a fully charged Wand of Find Traps to the party that finds him and convinces him to return home.

A traveling elven scholor named Tamerak Elenark is investigating the ancient histories regarding an pre-Zenith Empire culture of cyclops. He is offering a Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 to the group that finds ruins that are irrefutable evidence of this culture.

Korsico Degiones

Sil Skiljason

Cole Harpton's Editor

Who will be officiating the weddings? The signficant religions in the area are Ferrous Bronzebeard (LG), Hrom Grimaxe (LN), Erastil (LG), Norst Pantheon, Serena the Keeper of Memory (NG), the Hoarder (CN), and the Light.

The Wolf Pack

Tourist Guide

Large attractive Norst man (Barbarian 3)
Silent & Beautiful Elf (Ranger 1)
Missing person (Bard 1)

Great Western Antiquities

Three Oaks Lumber Consortium
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