Locations at Winter Court

Locations at Winter Court

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Main Feast Hall (7 AM to 8 PM): The largest single interior space in the Palace, huge timbers lift the ceiling some 60 feet above. The main space is framed by galleries with a much lower ceiling which in turn is framed by small intimate side rooms that can be sealed off by sliding paper doors. The main space is build on a series of steps that slowly rise to the most prestigeous seating. All together some 400 people can dine in comfort here. The location has also been richly decorated. Fresh food is provided when requested by the wait staff. There are also host samurai here that lead activities and entertainers to keep guests happy. Water from the hot springs is piped into both warm the place and provide pleasant artifical streams. While rest of the Palace is nice, you can tell that a lot off effort went into this extravagent space.

Grand Courtyard (24-hours - though you are not exted to linger here after the Feast Hall closes): This central courtyard is large and lined with small statues. When the weather permits, visitors will engage in games outside. The courtyard is framed by the Feasthall to the north, the bathhouse to the west, the Raoist Temple to the East

Bathhouse & Hot Springs (24-hours - peak hours are before breakfast, after lunch, late in evening): This large structure has been build around the naturally occuring hotsprings. The springs are segregated by gender specific pools and and a mixed gender pool. Bathers expected to be nude when using the pools. A limited number of private bathing rooms are available. The intense warmth of the hot springs makes it a popular place.

Raoist Temple (Daily light hours only): The Raoist Temple consists of some small shrines and Torii gates in a trimmed and well-kept garden. The large white pagoda at the center is off limits

Porcelian Tower (Not open to public, can can be approached for entry): This pagoda is the exclusive area of the Raoist monks & priests in the temple.

Personal Residences of individual Samurai (Not open to public, can can be approached for entry): Scattered around the central structures are the rectangular homes of the individual samurai.

Various Delegation Apartments (Not open to public, can can be approached for entry): They are build in the exact same style as the Personal Residences.

Grounds (24-hours): There are numerous little gardens and outdoor gathering locations in the palace.

Greenhouse (Daily light hours only): Set to the east of the Feast Hall and north of the Raoist temple is a large glass greenhouse filled with tropical and semi-tropical plants. Visitors can tour the greenhouse during the day. The expense of so much glass is obvious to even the most novice trader.

Inner Palace (Not open to public, can can be approached for entry): This the personal residence of Miramoto Kenzo. It is north of the feast hall.

Warrior-Slave Barracks (Not open to public): These simple structures are set in the southwest corner of the palace grounds.

Fortifications (Not open to public): A thick wall surrounds the entirity of the structure

Navel of the World (Only open during religious events): This location actually sits on a hill to the north of the palace. In similation the Zenith Imperial Navel of the World it is where the Emperor (in this case the Daimyo) can bless the world.

Miramoto Kenzo's Private Party (From 8 PM to 3 AM, once every 3 to 4 days, invitation only): This exclusive party is held after hours in the Inner Palace. Only a small select group are allowed to attend.

Miramoto Zabuto's Private Party (From 8 PM to 3 AM, once every 3 to 4 days and never on a day that Miramoto Kenzo is not holding his Private Party, invitation only): Kenzo's son Zabuto holds a less exclusive party for him and his samuari friends. It is either held in the Inner Palace or one of Zabuto's Lieutenants' homes.

Floating "Barbarian" Party (From 8 PM to roughly 3 AM): This party occurs almost every night in one the delegation's apartments, most often the Tiger Tribe. Occassionally a samurai will host it in his home for the novelity of it. Anyone who can find it can attend.
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