Major NPCs at Winter Court

Major NPCs at Winter Court

Postby Tim_Coltharp on Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:34 pm

Below is a list of the Major NPCs attending this Winter Court.


Name: Miramoto Kenzo
Position: Daimyo of the Protectorate of Owari
Physical Description: Handsome and muscular asian-looking man with striking looks and dark red/blonde hair. He is on the edge of middle age, but not quite slipped over. He wears intricate patterned men's silk kiminos that are worn once and then not seen again. He wears a fragrance that is similar to sandlewood.

Name: Miramoto Zubato
Position: Son of Miramoto Kenzo, Captain of the Lightning Guard
Physical Description: Exceedingly pale and thin man with looks that are beautifully severe. His black hair is sweep in a tight pony tail. He wears simple kiminos dominated by one color, usually black, dark green, dark brown, or dark blue. He always has slight dark circles under his eyes and coughs frequently. He smells of medical herbs.

Name: Susamajii
Position: Leader of Owari's elite Warrior/Slaves
Physical Description: Large, ruggedly handsome orc (half-orc?) who towers over most people. He has a pleasant smile on his bearded face that is punctuated by two large bottom fangs that slip out. When he is paying attention he consciously makes the fangs disappear, but when ever he is focused on something else they inevitablly slip out until he remembers them again. He wears a functional breastplate with the seal of Owari on it and has a oversized no-dachi on his back. He is polite and brief in his conversation. If you get very close he either smells slightly of soap and water or sweat depending on what he has been doing.

Name: Kaya Skyward
Position: Daughter of Duke (Governor) of Costa Del Sol. Hier Appearant to the leadership of House Skyward
Physical Description: Very attractive female elf with blue/black hair and piercing violet eyes. Wears conservative dresses with tasteful level of sexiness to them. She wears a delightful floral scent that detectable from a short distance, but not overwhelming when you get close.

Name: Ajax Farstride
Position: Baron (Governor) of Broken Spire
Physical Description:

Name: Gimph
Position: Master of Antiquities for Broken Spire
Physical Description: A set of full plate armor that was made for a very large man. Always has visior down. Speaks with an average male voice. Smells slightly of wood ashes.

Name: Meagar Varn
Position: Baron (Governor) of Varnhold
Physical Description: Lean man with a few scars and greying temples and dark brown hair. He wears noble attire that trends towards timeless classics instead of cutting edge fashion. Often he wears a mithral chain shirt.

Name: Telaphus Acun
Position: Meagar Varn's Right Hand
Physical Description: Lean man who tends to dress in dark fur and leathers. Fairly nondescript individual who blends into a crowd most of the time.

Name: Leopold Uth Frand
Position: King of Aziroth
Physical Description: Regal looking male leonoid with a flowing golden mane. He smiles warmly and his voice like the deep rumble of a powerful and caring father. He wears ceremonial plate armor (but still functional) of high quality. If you get very close has a slight musky smell to him that smells a little like freshly groomed cat.

Name: Kimba Redclaw
Position: General of Aziroth, and Oathsworn brother of Leopold Uth Frand
Physical Description: Large and dangerous looking male leonoid with a erect black mane. He looks like he is always watching for a threat or apprasing the strength of others. When he talks it is with low gravelly voice. He wears unadorned, black full plate. If you get very close he has a slight musky smell that smells a little like dog who had run through hay and has now cooled down.

Name: Edrick Straden
Position: King of Stradenburg
Physical Description: Looks like the stereotypical beefy, hairy lumberjack who has been crammed into a noble's garb. Despite not being use to wearing such clothing he acts with confidence and certainity in his actions. It also helps that he has a good frame and above average looks. His smell varies based on what low-priced musk he is wearing, and either wears too much of it or none at all it seems.

Name: Hannis Drelev
Position: Baron (Governor) of Fort Drelev
Physical Description:

Name: Pavetta Stroon-Drelev
Position: Baroness of Fort Drelev, Important Member of House Stroon
Physical Description:

Name: Imekus Stroon
Position: Magister of Fort Drelev
Physical Description:

Name: Amelia Duvik
Position: Secretary to Baron Drelev
Physical Description: Very attractive teenage girl with large breasts. Wears outfits that are almost scandalous and seems oblivious to the fact. More friendly with Baron Drelev then she should be with a married man. Typically smells like the floral fragrance that Kaya Skyward was wearing a few days ago.

Name: Stormbreaker
Position: Youngest adult son of the King of the Bear Tribe
Physical Description: Tall and very muscular man with gentle looking baby face and faint beard that betrays his young age. He is almost always shirtless and upon his nearly hairless right pec his a prominant red lightning bolt tattoo. He seems to have a quick temper and acts out proportion for any slight or precieved slight.

Name: Sleepywatcher
Position: Blood sworn brother of the King of the Tiger Tribe
Physical Description: Pepper grey haired man solidly into middle age. He is wears groomed mid-length beard and has very bushy eyebrows. He wears a silk jacket that leaves open exposing a very hairy chest and slight potbelly. But he has purposefully shaved an area on his chest slightly above his heart so as to expose a black wolf's head tattoo. He wears Zenith inspired Norst clothing in an intentionally slovenly way, to the end result that he looks like a very fashionable Norst instead of a slob.

Name: Mountain Roars
Position: Chieftain of the Star Chaser Tribe
Physical Description:

Name: Sandoval
Position: Ambassador from Xoan (rumored to actually be a Pirate King pretending to be an Ambassador)
Physical Description: A handsome grey skinned elf with off-white hair. He always looks at everyone like his thinking of deliously naughty things to do them. He dresses in high quality clothing in the Xoan style. He is always sinisterly polite and just a little scandalous with his speech. He wears a wide variety of fragrances that never seem to stay the same, and rarely repeated.

Name: Lee Moku
Position: Singer and Musician, Part of the Tiger Tribe delegation
Physical Description: A portly man with pleasant personality. Looks to be of mixed Ulfen and Zenith ancestory. He has a long thin mustache. Excellent muscian with excellent voice. Tends to dress in white robes with with bright colored trim. Always has an instrument with him, though not necessarily the same one.

Name: Sela Yasser
Position: Illusionist Entertainer, Part of the Tiger Tribe Delegation
Physical Description: Sela is plan looking woman who is quite and conservative. She is of Ishafan ancestory, but her wardrobe is from all over. She tends to dress nicely but understated. She likes to let her illusions speak for her. She uses illusions to tell elaborate illustrated stories with sound. Her illusions are top notice.
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