Minor NPCs at Winter Court

Minor NPCs at Winter Court

Postby Tim_Coltharp on Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:58 am

Below is list of the types of minor NPCs that will for the most be in the background.


Typical Palace Servant: Scores of human servants work in the White Oak Palace. They are helpful and extremely polite. They speak Ambropolitan with bad accents. If you ask any personal questions of them they get very shy and embrassed.

Lighting Guard Samurai: Several of these warrior caste humans will be circulating about the Winter Court and participating in the daily group activities and entertainment. They dress in nice kimonos or hakamas. All of them are scared in some way. Their daisho always at their side. They are coldly professional most of the time. However at the semi-private, late-night parties they get drunk and very rowdy. About 2/3 of the Samurai are men and rest are women.

Raoist Monks: The Palace supports a temple to Rao that is populated by monks and nuns dedicated to the teachings of Roa. Most of the time they stay to themselves, but some times they participate in philosphoical discussions or martial arts tournaments. They also spend most of their time either in the main temple or servicing the numerous shrines to ancestoral spirits.

Geisha, Courtesans, and other Entertainers: While technically part of the palace staff, these Entertainers make themselves available for the enjoyment of the guests and the Samurai. Unlike the palace staff they are good conversationalists who do not become embrassed when approached.

Warrior Slaves: Most of the actual guard work of the Winter Court is being handled by warrior slaves. They are typically in full armor and wield wicked axes and spears. For the most part they are orcs (half-orcs?) and male. They are gruff and to the point. If pressed for conversation they will tell the person that conversation interfers with their duties and then ignore them from then on.

Typical Ambropolitan Assistant: Dressed in nice clothing these individuals are usually olive skined and dark haired. They are equally male or female. They all wear spell components that denote their wizard training. Usually they are either with the Governor they are assisting or back in their delegation's quarters. However they often break off for private time.

Typical Ambropolitan Solider: Like most Ambropolitans they are olive skined with dark hair for the most part. About an equal number are male and female. They wear chain shirts, long swords, and wooden shields. Most of the time they are guarding their leaders, with assistants, or back in their delegation's quarters. However they often break off for private time.

Leopold's Honor Guard: Large and powerfully build leonoids in breastplates, wielding halberds. Most of the time they with their King or General. They seem a little surly and grumpy. They are mostly men.

Edrick's Honor Guard: Like their leader they look more like rugged outdoorsmen than soliders. They wear leather armor, great axes, and longbows. Most of them are scattered all over. While Edrick always keeps at least 2 with him, it is clear they are more here to have fun than guard Edrick. Edrick obviously does not seem to mind this. About half of these individual are men and half are are women.

Norst Honor Guards: Typically tall and muscular, these men are often in a state of undress (shirtless with pants only) that scandalizes the Zenith samurai. For the most part the Norst seem to be there simply to enjoy themselves and guarding a distant second. They tend to avoid the more formal events and attend any of the late night parties they can. While most of the Norst did bring wives, the wives stay exclusively in their quarters (and does not stop them from hassling and flirting with the palace staff).
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